Monday, July 25, 2011

Window Treatment Ideas

A collection of my favorite window treatment ideas that I can apply to my own home...

I know, I know, blinds are out. Blah blah blah. I'm sorry, but sometimes blinds are the most practical way to go and as you can see in the photo [right], they can look chic! Blinds like these are perfect for my sons room because they are cordless (and lately he has an infatuation with destroying our blinds and tangling the cords) and the widths are adjustable, making them super easy to install in any window! from

And if I add a cornice board like this one:
...I can make them look great, too!
Or should I just do fun Roman shades like these...

unknown source

Moving on to the Master Bedroom. Our master has these 2 narrow windows flanking the bed, very similar to those in this picture:
We have a queen sized bed, with mis-matched nightstands, an upholstered headboard, and swing arm lamps attached to the wall to save space. If I add floor to ceiling curtains at each window, it would really dress it up and add some much needed style! See? It looks so glam and classy- I love the sheen of the curtains!

And now, for the Living Room windows (for the record, I hate them and am currently accepting donations to the cause of rebuilding the front of our house):  
Unknown Source
We have a row of 3 windows, and the panes are not as pretty as these, we have the old (really old) crank style (sooooo stylish). The 3 windows have always thrown me off as far as curtains. Right now, we have this sheer panel hanging across all 3 of them, mostly in an effort to pretend they're not there, but still let some light in. But I love the idea of a bamboo shade hanging across all 3, with curtains flanking floor to ceiling. Think of the 3 panels as 1 large window, and the options are endless!

So this week, I have windows on the brain. And a craft station for the playroom, and new front door paint, and updating the guest bath, and... Seriously, I could go on for days. Just because I have window-brain doesn't mean this week I will solve all my window issues, but maybe I could start the project of trimming out the windows with moulding? That's a pretty simple DIY Window project I'm sure my husband Michael would LOVE to do! Good luck to us! Happy window dressing!

What window issues give you the blues? Are you stuck with old outdated windows that would force you to rebuild if you wanted to change them?

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