Friday, July 15, 2011

Home Decor That Makes You Happy

You’re smiling, right? How can you NOT smile while watching that video? I have to get up and shake my thang whenever the commercial comes on!

There are certain things in life that just make us HAPPY! As far as happiness in home decorating, I get happy looking at tons of different photos of rooms. I’m constantly scouring magazines (this is where working at a bookstore comes in handy!), checking Pinterest for new stuff, and watching HGTV and DIY Network. I can’t stop!

Sometimes I find a picture that I just love, and that makes me happy to look at it, but I just can’t figure out why. Or I write it off and turn the page because that room is way better than anything in my house, and it certainly won’t work in my boring-zero-architecture space. Boring “ranch” style houses are VERY common here in the coastal Florida “burbs”. Unfortunately, there’s not much character or architecture to speak of. One thing I have to remind myself to do is to focus on the little things in that room. You know, the details that are in the background. Many times, I can re-create something similar and get that same happy feeling. Check this out:
Better Homes and Gardens
I absolutely love this room. I love the colors, the size, the wallpaper, the fireplace, the built-ins, the paneling, the “lightness” of it all. Yummy! My house looks nothing like this. BUT, I also love the French Doors hiding there in the background, and that IS something I can add to my house. We have yucky sliders at 2 locations on the inside of our house, leading out to our addition, and these Frenchies would be an awesome replacement! Not to mention a fairly simple DIY project for the Hubby. French doors add such a “light” feeling, don’t you think?

Have some more happiness~

Home Goods
I love pink! I could never do an entire wall of pink in our house, but maybe I can add a stylin’ pink throw to our bed!

David Bromstad
Looking at that makes me drool. Could it be the bulldog painting? I think it has more to do with the Fabulous Turquoise Sideboard. I heart painted furniture! Oh, and the acrylic chair. Two things I can definitely work into our house somewhere…

Love these chairs! I have 2 Salvation Army find matching chairs that would really benefit from glossy fresh white trim and a fun floral pillow.

Kim Parker
Oh, Kim Parker, you had me at hello. I love everything she touches, we have 4 of her paintings in our house and I love how whimsical they are. The room above is her actual living room and I love how many different floral patterns she has in there. They all work together, though. Quick! What color are her walls? GASP- white?!?! Maybe she’s onto something…

What makes you happy? Do you find that you’re drawn to certain colors (like I am), even though they wouldn’t work in your house at all? Try to work those colors in with the little things... Remember to focus on the details and you might find that you walk in the front door one day and feel HAPPY!

Happy Friday!


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