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Christmas in July ~ Robert's Christmas Wonderland Clearwater, Florida

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I don’t know what it is lately, but I am so ready to decorate for the Holidays! Now, I know that Halloween and Thanksgiving come first, and I enjoy them both as well, but not nearly as much as I enjoy Christmas!

This Christmas will be fun for our family. It’s Mickey’s 2nd Christmas and he’s old enough now to start to enjoy it, plus I have a unique opportunity to start a clean decorating slate. After Christmas last year, I was so sick of our wimpy tree with multi colored lights, then after we packed everything back into the attic, we realized we left the tree sitting in the garage. I used this as an excuse to throw away the tree. So… this year I get to get a new tree! Complete with a new theme!

Now to answer the questions I’ve never been able to answer: What is my Christmas style? You know what I mean, Am I funky colored modern tree with coordinating decorations? Am I traditional red/green/gold Christmas with treasured handmade and gifted ornaments from our childhoods? Am I turquoise and gold? Am I silver and white? I took a trip (it was pretty last minute- my husband even waited in the car) to Robert’s Christmas Wonderland in Clearwater, which is about 20 minutes from our house, to help me get inspired…

This store is huge. It overwhelmed me. The people were super friendly too. As I was walking around, I kept thinking to myself, "Come back here with Mickey and Mom, Come back here with Mickey and Mom...". Why have I never been here before? Mental note: next time I need a pick-me-up, I will return to this Heaven.

They had tons of themed trees, of course. A few of my favorites are pictured above. The pickle tree, the Florida Palm Christmas tree, the Wino tree, the hunting tree (perfect for our friends and family in Maine), and then of course a couple fun colored trees. The colored lighted snowmen figurines were just fun and they remind me of things my mom used to put in the room my sister and I shared. I remember looking forward to that little stuff every year and I loved watching the colors change at night time. So, I want to get a snowman for Mickey's room this Christmas.
These lights remind me of the old lights we used to have- I love them and will definitely be putting them on our house this year.

Mickey loves Veggie Tales right now, and he will love these little ornaments! I imagine they will most likely be more of a toy than an ornament, but hey, they're still fun!

They also had fun stuff for every other Holiday in this country and any other country. My favorites are the Halloween tree and the super cute Birthday/ Milestone knicky knackys.

Decorations are a big expense, and you really should decide what your style is before you start colleting stuff. Unless of course, you just buy all new everything every year. That would be nice! I’ve started collecting Christmas clippings to help me focus in on what I want. You can check out my Christmas board on Pinterest.

I’m pretty much leaning towards the homemade/ heirloom ornaments with classic red/green/gold colors, jazzed up with sparkly gold accessories. There’s something special to me about unwrapping ornaments every year from when I was a baby. I want our son to have the same experience. But... I'm going to add BIG GLITTERY SPARKLY things to the tree also. Like this:
From TrendyTree.com

So, it's decided. I'm Traditional-Homemade-Heirloom-Sparkly-RedandGreen-Glitter Christmas. That's my style. I just have to make sure I don't get distracted by pretties like this:

From HGTV.com

OK, so I know I'm not the only one out there that goes back and forth and can't decide on a Christmas decorating theme and style. What style grabs you? Do you find yourself getting confused with all the pretty things available? Check out Pier 1 for a breakdown on their Christmas stuff this year to help narrow down what you are looking for.

A question for the Moms: how do you keep little hands off your Christmas stuff? Have there been any Christmas disasters I should try to avoid? Any tips or tricks for keeping ornaments in one piece?

Merry Christmas in July!

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