Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Marriage Advice From a (Semi) Newlywed

5 Decorating Tips

v     Don’t mess with the man-cave. Whether it’s the garage, somewhere outside, the basement, or a special (ugly) chair in the Living Room- he needs to have some place you can’t destroy (clean/decorate to you = destroy to him).
v     Don’t expect him to be as thrilled as you are over every new project or Apothecary Jar or painting you bring into the house. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment.
v     He does not know the difference between Eggshell, Cream, Antique White, or Cottage White- although it’s obvious to you!
v     Don’t forget he is the man of the house and whether you think he can or cannot make the proper decision (or color choice), he should be allowed the opportunity.
v     Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a little “Mommy and Daddy” time. Is there tension between you and you’re not sure why? It doesn’t need to be as “saucy” as it was (before the Kids came along!), but it still needs to be there.

And that’s what I have learned in the 3 short years Michael and I have been working on our house and family. Do you have any great marriage and relationship tips (or tricks!)?

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Today’s Favorite Pin: Apothecary Jars for Fall!


  1. Is the "ugly chair" comment referring to my lazy-boy?

  2. DLB1752, your chair is ugly? I was just generalizing... hehe.

  3. Okay, could a man *not* get excited about those apothecary jars??? Too. darn. cute. :-)

    visiting from PYHO!

  4. Super cute jars...and I learned my lesson about the man cave long can mess with just about anything else BUT the man cave!


  5. Mommy and Daddy time is very important!

  6. Thank you ladies for visiting from Pour Your Heart Out! Shell, thank you for daring to put together such an honest Linky, we love you for it! ~Ann Marie

  7. I agree with you. 100%. I've been married for over 14, but not quite 15 years. The only important thing I would add to your list is forgiveness.

    You (and your spouse) need to be ready and willing to be forgiving to each other.