Thursday, August 18, 2011

Creating Our Nursery

Part One of a Three Part Series

One of my favorite projects we've done to our home has been the redesign of Mickey's bedroom. The previous owners had it as their son, Thomas' room, and the set up seemed to work well.

Then, when we moved in, we had no idea we were pregnant so I started to plan for it to be a guest bedroom. I was going to go with a cream/black/tan color scheme. For awhile though, it just stayed a storage room for everything while we were settling in. Later, after we found out we were pregnant and having a boy, I decided it was time to tackle the beast. We cleaned everything out, and boy was it jam packed.
It took quite a bit of time to clean all the junk out of the room, vaccuum the carpets, and clean the windows, walls etc. Then I took measurements and began planning how I wanted things to look. I had to stay on a budget, so construction was out of the question, but I definitely wanted to update the flooring. My husband, Mom, Aunt, and I worked to demo the existing flooring and install new wood laminate. Details on the installation and painting process in Part Two of this series (Hint: blood, blue, dark wood). See you then!

How long did it take you to completely overhaul a room from start to finish? Did you collect ideas for months and months before beginning?

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