Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Knee Protector

Oh, those sliders are so harsh on crawling babies' knees! We have this slider between our dining room and the previous owners addition, which is now our playroom (can you tell the playroom gets used often?!). Poor little Mickey whimpered every time he wanted to go to his playroom!

My fabulous Mother came over one evening and said, "Hey, I bet your [very handy] husband could whip up something with the router and scrap wood to make that smoother." She was right! I mentioned it to Mike, and in a couple hours we had this custom knee protector!
He routed grooves exactly where the track is so that the piece fits perfectly snug.
He even thought to route the edge with a roundover bit to give it a softer lip. Genius!
It fits perfectly and Mickey crawls back and forth right over that thing! I intend on paiting it the same color as the walls so it blends. And when we want to close the door to that room, simply lift up the board and tuck it away! No joke, my husband is the bomb-diggity.

Have you created anything out of necessity like this? Any other baby knee protector ideas out there?

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